The Art and Importance of Searching and Search Term Choice




Why people hate the search process–
Because it’s hard, complex, and frustrating.
I know that because I’ve done it for 52 years. After doing it for 52 years, I understand how hard, complex, and frustrating it can be.

But it shouldn’t really be frustrating or complicated.

Here is why. When you apply procedures that are effective and you take good notes, you get less frustrated. And that is a sample of the powerful practical suggestions you’ll get in the report The Art and Importance of Searching and Search Term Choice.

My name is Richard Schenkar and for the past 52 years I have done research in all kinds of media (books, magazines, video and audio recordings, artwork) and all kinds of places (archives, libraries, private collections, and over 400 online databases) and for the past nineteen years, have distilled that practical experience into articles, books, and chapters that have served thousands of readers. Now, I offer you the benefit of those years of experience and thought to save you time, money, and frustration.

Here is what you’ll get in the report The Art and Importance of Searching and Search Term Choice:
–4 practical ways to make search term choice easier;
–How to add authenticity to your message;
–How to frame your new ideas in ways your customer will accept to bolster your credibility and make your communication more effective;
–How to find published materials you can quote and use without infringing copyrights;
–How to find and use webrings;
–How to create and deploy search robots;
–How to discover your story and your client’s or customer’s story — the ultimate way you will most effectively connect with your client or customer;
–Discover 4 resources used by professional folklore specialists and 2 more resources used by professional storytellers to empower your search process.

It’s time for you to take control of your message and your search process and experience the powerful practical results of search mastery. Click on the “Add to Cart” button, go through the checkout process, then download the report and start enjoying the process of search mastery.