How to Manage Electronic Mail and Make Your Computer Life Easier




Do your e-mail habits waste your time and make you vulnerable to attacks?

We are so casual about e-mail. It has become so easy to use that we forget some basic precautions that make us vulnerable to cyber attacks. The attackers do not care whether we are part of a large institution or a one-person shop. The malware they deploy is optimized and can use your system — even the smallest one — as an outpost to appear as a source for spam or software that disables major installations of infrastructure such as water systems, sewer systems, or the power grid.

So it is time for us to get serious about e-mail. And my report How to Manage E-mail and Make Your Computer Life Easier empowers you to do exactly that.

Before you learn about the report, you should know a few things about me that will help you put the report in context. I am Richard Schenkar. I’ve been a researcher and writer for the past 52 years. I started high school and never stopped. I have added few items to my experience — a bachelors degree in English and history, an MBA, a JD (law degree), and 19 years as “Practical Resources” columnist for monthly publication covering computer, medical, and legal issues and resources as well as law office management. What’s really important here is I get several hundred e-mails per day and I have had to learn how to handle them in the real world so I’ve distilled my experience into a time-saving report for you that will empower your handling of e-mail in the following ways:
–Four hacks to give you e-mail mastery and manage e-mail effectively;
–Five daily practices that will power your management of e-mail;
–A discussion of disposable e-mail accounts and how to use them;
–A source for thorough analysis of electronic mail which includes
–how to read e-mail headers and footers,
–an explanation of investigative techniques used by prosecutors,
–how identify the sender or recipient of e-mails, and
–the process of hiding identity in e-mail.

So now it is time for you to take control of your e-mail and experience the powerful practical results of effective e-mail management. Click on the “Add to Cart” button, go through the checkout process, download the report, and start enjoying the powerful practical results of effective e-mail mastery.