Article Archive:


Case Law Material:

-Casemaker—available through WSBA web site

-The “Invisible Web

Resources for the business of the law practice:

-Be aware of basic financial information

-Create a computer use policy

-Be aware of security problems you are likely to face

-Create a security policy

-Prepare for possible disasters

-Cost-effective probono publico service

Resources to empower the profession of law:

Discover your client’s story

Root your new ideas in antiquity

-Check the credibility of web sites you use

-Special credibility check for medical web sites

Technology issues:

-Think before using PowerPoint

-Schedule yearly maintenance

-Basic computer setup issues

-Create and use practical passwords

-Build your presentation toolbox

-Don’t be too scared of “scareware

-Be aware of files that threaten you

-How to open that mysterious file

Security issues:

Cloud computing

-How your computer leaks information

Tests you can use to improve security